Chimney Restoration

Chimney Restoration

The chimney of this 1920’s era house had sustained significant damage in the form of fractured brick and joint degradation at most of the brick mortar joints. Crose & Lemke was brought in to repair the chimney and bring beauty back to the home.

We removed the chimney from the top to approximately 8-10’ below the roofline to facilitate repairs to the areas with the worst damage.

Areas that were below the removal line required all joints to be ground out and tuckpointed. Spot areas were found during the tuckpointing progress that required complete brick replacement. Additional work included an 8" thick concrete cap, reshingling a large area along with counter flashings and flashings.

While some brick searches can be exhaustive, we were fortunately able to find matching brick among our existing inventory. Any salvaged brick was cleaned and reused whenever possible.

The work area was over 40’ feet tall. Throughout the project, we maintained clearance for the owners to use their driveway and also protected the home's interiors from the resulting dust that was attempting to filter inside.

With the project taking place in early winter, we had to both accommodate weather conditions and still put the work in place quickly to provide the owner with a working chimney. We were able to complete the project within a month, before any severe weather struck.