Garage Addition

Garage Addition

For this project, Crose & Lemke built an entirely new single-car garage from the ground up. Existing garage space was limited, so we built a secondary garage specifically to accommodate the owner’s new sports car.

Initial tasks included moving services (gas and electric) and working with the city on behalf of the owner to overcome zoning challenges.

We created a concrete extension for the driveway, leading up to the new, free-standing unit.

All work on the project was completed in 3 months, which includes rerouting utilities, the new concrete driveway and construction of the building.

The garage interior features conveniences such as tile flooring and climate control, as well as plenty of space for additional storage.

Behind the garage, we built an additional room and entryway that almost has a clubhouse-like appearance. The end result is a unique garage that also looks like a house, adding an attractive new unit to the property.